Small Batch Craft Roasted in Old Town Florissant, Missouri

North County Roasting Company

Peaberry Plus


Sweet, savory, and citric with rich cocoa flavor, grapefruit, brown sugar, and caramel.

Bean Basics

Origin Tanzania
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Variety Bourbon, Kent, Arusha
Altitude 1400-2000 mamsl
Process Washed

About the Peaberry Plus

Peaberries are a kind of coffee seed that forms individually inside a cherry, as opposed to when the fruit typically develops two "flat" beans, which are larger and sit together like peanuts in a shell. The smaller, denser peaberries are thought to have a higher potency of flavor, and "peaberry plus" is a higher grade than the more standard peaberry lot.

Available only in whole bean.